I love love love today’s technology! The kindle app on my iPhone is probably one of my most beloved apps ever!

I ordered the last book which was to be released today, but for some reason amazon hadn’t even shipped it! I was really really disappointed when I didn’t get the expected mail from Gallaudet’s Post Office about the packet’s arrival.. So I found out that it wasn’t even shipped and I still had the opportunity to cancel the order. Done. Downloaded the eBook instead to my kindle app and now I will go in isolation mode where I will swallow each of Eragon and Saphira’s adventures and I’m so excited of how it will end! I hope that Murtagh and his dragon will switch to Eragon’s side! I hope that Saphira gets to breed small little dragons so her breed won’t extinct. Ugh I hope this book will satisfy my high expectations!

And this blog post is also an explanation for why I’m gonna be gone for a while and if anyone see me with my iPhone upon my nose, they might as well figure out that I’m reading The Inheritance!

What I’m not looking forward to is the fact that this is the last book of the cycle. Weeps.

Well see you later – maybe tomorrow if I actually finish the book during the night. Another benefit to have the eBook instead of the real book is that I won’t need light and therefore DeM won’t complain about me reading in the late night!

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Sofie Heilmann

Sofie is studying Digital Design and Communication at IT University, which she prefers to call fancy university. She loves traveling, writing, reading, eating, crossfitting, handstanding, running, talking, sleeping and so much more. Really, what she enjoys the most in life is sleeping and eating. That you can do everywhere. Sofie is a dreamer too. It could be about travels or her wet Ph.D dreams.. Or journalistic dreams. All in all, Sofie likes to live. Viva la vida!

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Jan · 9. november 2011 kl. 23:16

But Will the battery last All night ?? I hope you have kind and understanding peers who can accept your weird interests. (and now is not the time to tell all the world, that your father is as impatient to read the story as you.

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