I finished the Inheritance book while DeM was gone (wow he actually could distract me from the book?! Took me 10 long days to finish it!!) and I have to say……
I loved it! I so so loved it! Maybe I felt there was a little bit too much action. I’m that kind of a person who actually loves the part of the second book where Eragon and Saphire was educated by Oromis and Gladr – I guess that says something about how nerdy I can be?! The main reason that I read the Inheritance cycle again and again is because I enjoy the education part so much. I also enjoy the part where Rhönon made the sword called Brisingr with Eragon’s body.
I want to tell you my absolute favorite part of book 4, but since my dad reads this blog I cannot say it before I’m sure he has read it.

I also finally understood the meaning behind the dragons on the cover of the book – they are of course representing the dragons in the story – oops maybe I give a hint by a mistake now? If so – I’m sorry. But can’t help it!

Cover of the 4th book:


Ps. My inner nerd craves to name some all of my future children or and dogs or whatever with names from the ancient language! It’s a fortunate that I have all 4 books where there is a dictionary with all the names in ancient language used in the book!!

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Jan · 19. november 2011 kl. 17:11

I appriciate your conciderations for your old dad. I am looking forward to Reading the end og the story.

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