I’ve had trouble to sleep lately because of jetlag (surprise?!! Not!)

Anyways I got really addicted to those awesome rage comics and started to annoy DeM, who is usually awaken when I can’t sleep, with those rage faces. At last he got like:


Well then he went to sleep. I wonder why. Maybe this can explain??


And also when he writes lol I just sent him this:


Maybe he got like this because of that??


But I can’t help it!


I love rage comics!!


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Sofie Heilmann

Sofie is studying Digital Design and Communication at IT University, which she prefers to call fancy university. She loves traveling, writing, reading, eating, crossfitting, handstanding, running, talking, sleeping and so much more. Really, what she enjoys the most in life is sleeping and eating. That you can do everywhere. Sofie is a dreamer too. It could be about travels or her wet Ph.D dreams.. Or journalistic dreams. All in all, Sofie likes to live. Viva la vida!

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