Business design and strategy

This project is a fictional business plan developed in Business Design and Strategy course at Swinburne University in Melbourne, Australia. 

Six Doors Down

Six Doors Down's main objective is to fight against obesity in Australia. In Australia roughly 14 millions are overweight, which is nearly half of Australia's population. Six Doors Down's philosophy is that by making healthy options easily available, we can combat this pandemic. The profit will be used on re-educating the public to the benefits of eating healthy food. The public should know where the their food comes from which is why we choose to name our business "Six Doors Down" - there are only six degrees of separation between where the food are grown and harvested to the food arrives at the customer's door. 

Product and services

Six Doors Down offers fresh nutritious, hormone and pesticide free, seasonal produce. We plan to provide a door to door delivery service for our clients, that services the Melbourne metro area. As our business grows we plan to expand the service area of our deliveries. Potentially in the years to come expanding to other major cities within Australia. We will also endeavour to create brand awareness by establishing ourselves in the farmer markets around Melbourne.


Target Market

Our customers are mainly medium and high income families, couples and college students. Based on our research, single customers are willing to pay $30 average and families are willing to pay $60 average every week to get their food delivered. At Six Doors Down we will be concentrating on the Melbourne CBD area as our starting point which consist of 10,382 couple families without children, 4,080 couple families with children and 19,916 University students. Generally, they are those who are really busy that is living in a fast paced life.

Consumer analysis

People living in the city often are considered time poor due to,studies, work, hobbies, sport, children, pets, etc. Therefore, they are too busy to do proper planning, food shopping or just prefer the idea of convenience which means more time for them to pursue their interests. There are also people who are used to online shopping and like having their products delivered to their door, and enjoy the convience of ordering from the comfort of their own home.

We are focusing on the age segment 20-50 years. Our product is gender neutral, which means we target both females and males, couples, singles and families with children. The median personal income is $711.00/week, family income is $1,962.00/week and household income is $1,352.00/week.

Our customers will constantly reap the rewards of shopping with Six Doors Down. They will be provided with the freshest organic produce on the market, which will help in their mission to lead a healthier lifestyle. Our customers are health conscious and strive to find better ways to feed themselves and their families. Our demographic want produce delivered that is in perfect condition, meaning no bruises or signs of rot or aging, and definitely want to be certain there have been no pesticides used in farming. 

Competitor Analysis

Through our collation of data, we have discovered our competitors have a similar price point for their produce boxes. Most of our competitors price their large produce boxes in the $70 - $80 price range. We can counter this by having our pricing for a large assortment in the $65 - $70 range. This will still give us a profit, but also be more attractive to our competitors customers.

By having a more competitive price than our competition, we believe that we can grow our customer base fairly quickly. It is a matter of online advertising where we can build our online organic customer base.

Competitor Matrix

As you can see by our competitor analysis Matrix Six Doors Down aims to have a high perceived value for customers, while maintaining an affordable price. We believe this will help set us apart from our competitors and give us a new edge in the Organic Food market.

Visual Identity