The digital journalistic media landscape has been challenged by the lack of willingness to pay by the readers. Literature suggests that that too many journalistic organisations have been too busy to use the available technology rather than using their resources on creating a strategy that would make the perfect storm in the digital landscape. In this course we were presented with the challenge of re-designing the digital journalistic experience. 


Collected is a personalised digital magazine, where it will collect news the users want to save. The news the users saved are presented in a magazine-like graphical layout. The magazine's aesthetics and the possibility of saving the articles the users want to read will give the users a feeling of holding their own personalised magazine, which they can read when they have the time. 

The concept is inspired by and Delayed Gratification magazine. The inspiration from Pinterest is the concept of a plug-in that can be installed on the internet browser. In this way, whenever the user stumbles upon an article they want to read but may not have time for yet, they can save the article to Collected to read later. The look of Collected is inspired by Delayed Gratification magazine's aesthetics and use of infographics. The visual aspect of Collected is one of the most important factors because it is inviting the user to absorb themselves into the magazine. 

Another consideration we did to Collected was that we wanted to invite the user to spend time and loose themselves into the read of the day. With the user research we found that magazines generally invites to slow down and take your time to read the content and this is why we decided to go with the magazine-like concept in our suggestion of how to re-design the digital journalistic content. 

Design Proces

Design Thinking

Design thinking is a user-centered approach to development of products and solutions. Design Thinking is according to Tim Brown, CEO at IDEO, describes design thinking as the designers ability to understand the users needs and match those needs with technology that is available and benefitting from the business perspective. Design thinking is an iterative proces that moves through phases as emphatize, ideate, prototype and testing. 

User insights

Information overload: All of the interviewee expressed that they were overwhelmed by all the information they can access. 

Lack of focus: The interviewees expressed that they found it hard to let themselves focus 100% on the news. However, one of the interviewee told that it was easier to focus on the news when reading print newspaper.