About Atlas

Atlas Magasine is a journalistic contemporary magasine that publishes articles continuously on atlasmag.dk. Altas' ambitions is to be a well-written alternative in a media world where the most recent is best and coming first is great. Atlas focus on content that is in the public's current interest rather than just being first with the news. 

Their challenge

Atlas requested a way to break through the social media news feed noise to attract more traffic to atlasmag.dk. Our research question therefore became: How can we, with user-centered design method create more traffic and more users to Atlas without compromising with Atlas' content?

Our findings

Through interviews with users of Atlasmag.dk, we found that the users had a difficulty defining what Atlas really stood for. Together with atlasmag.dk's google analytics and the interview data we found that Atlasmag.dk's strength was their articles about books. Because the interviewees could not figure what Atlas really were about, we decided to focus on strengthening Atlas as a niche magasine.

Design process

This is one of the most common design proces - this is called design thinking. This model is based on iterations that can be repeated until the best result has been achieved. In this project, we had limited time to work on the project and therefore our design process only ran through two iterations. 


Low fidelity

A low fidelity prototype is simply just a representation of the design. It is not possible to interact with the design, only evaluate with the aesthetics of the design. 

High fidelity

Our high fidelity design was interactive and the test persons were able to interact with the design as if it was an actual website. This provided us valuable data on navigation, whether the design is intuitive, how long they would spend clicking around the prototype.

Final Concept

Together with the interview data and data from Google Analytics we developed a concept called: Atlas on books. Atlas is focusing on the literature without compromising the journalistic content. The purpose Atlas on books is to let the user dive into a universe of literature with book reviews, articles, writer portraits, essays, feature articles - everything with a literature perspective - on the shelves on the front page. Atlas on books is a sharp niche media who delivers in-depth articles with a long lifetime. The long lifetime of the articles makes the website dynamic, alive and can give the users the feeling that they always can find something new and exciting on the shelves.