Test Specialist @ Netcompany
MSc. IT in Digital Design and Communication


As UX-designer I am very user-centered in my design thinking. I believe that the user needs dictates what should be designed. Whenever I worked on a project with a challenge from business perspective, I have always done initial user interviews with the target group to explore their perspective of the challenge. Often the presented challenge is not the actual challenge from the user perspective. However, I always work with both perspectives to achieve a result that is satisfying for both the business and the target users. 

Field of interest

During my master's studies I found myself compelled to communication design and digital journalism - especially the willingness to pay issue that most online news media face today. In my master's thesis I decided to ask the seemingly simple question: Why are people not willing to pay for online journalistic content? The answers were not as simple as the question. I found that there were several factors that influenced the unwillingness to pay for online journalistic content: the users doubt the quality of the content, the users do not believe that the time spent reading the news justifies the price for a subscription, the users think that the subscription is too expensive or the users do not want to tie themselves to just one news source because they like to read their news from several sources. I hope to work further on this issue someday.

Personal traits

I am excellent at understanding complex problems and find patterns in data that makes sense and then convert them into ideas and creative but logic solutions. I am a very inquisitive person and look for the answers of my questions. I am an extrovert person who likes to work in teams and spar with my team members. 

Off duty

I like to set personal goals each year and the goal of 2018 is, like many other Danes, to run at Copenhagen half-marathon in September. Another goal is to read 52 books in 2018. When I spend time on my sofa, I like to read a good book, preferably in the fantasy genre, or binge-watch tv-shows on Netflix.